dessert tables

We offer sumptuous dessert tables for any wedding or event.

Create your own or choose from one of our pre set packages. 

Our Dessert Tables are a beautiful blend of art and style visually pleasing and taste bud tantalising. Each of our mouthwatering deserts are individually created so they will set your event apart from the rest.  

Theme your desert table to match your wedding/ occasion cake having your cake centre stage. 
Personally working with you to create a table to compliment your reception style, vision and colour scheme. All provided stands, platters, dishes are handpicked and will ensure a cohesive design. Menu cards will be designed to suit, as well as providing delivery set up and breakdown at your event.   

This is an opportunity to get creative incorporate your themes and colour schemes whilst satisfying different people’s tastes or even dietary requirements so everyone can have a bite and even go back for more without any judgement.    

How many items will I need for my dessert table?.

It is suggested to have an average of 2-3 deserts per person, so you might prefer to limit the number of ‘types’ available by offering variations of flavour. The more types available the more people will want to try everything. Offering for example brownie bites in two flavours will give you more variety.

Minimum order

A minimum of 24 deserts is required per single type, you can then order in increments of 12 thereafter. 

This is to account for batch size as we create everything from scratch to order. Items like fudge must be purchased by batch. 

Dessert table pre set Packages

Choose from one of our recommended packages and customise to your colour scheme or theme. 

Package A- serves 40 people 

  • 24 personalised iced sugar cookies, 
  • 24 brownie/blondie bites
  •  24 meringue pops 
  • 3 batches of fudge. 

Package B- serves 80 people

  • 48 cookies
  • 48 brownie/blondie bites
  • 48 mini cupcakes
  • 4 batches of fudge

Preset options not for you? Then create your own from the options below.